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It is almost scary to start blogging again after such a long break, but whatever, I will just start posting again and pretend like nothing happened. *lalala* I really needed that break. I have been really busy. The 60 point semester is over, and hopefully I did well. I have a good feeling. I hope it lasts. Here are the pictures from the last week before the exam marathon.

Didn’t really see daylight much, this was about all the daylight I saw during exam season. Norway is so cold! And dark!

And then I drank a lot of coffee, and I tried to stay awake and productive. It worked, but my tolerance has been upped with +3 cups because of uni.

And this was mostly what I was starring at… every once in a while when I looked up from the laptop…

… I saw my white wall, and decided to hang up a couple of old pictures so I would have something to look at.

Last exam was linguistics, and god damn – I am having a love/hate relationship with linguistics. So much fun, but so much stuff to go through in such a small time. My favorite part have to be syntax, I loved drawing up all of those trees. Pitch accent was probably the hardest part, but at least I get the concept.

Then I get tired, and take pictures of random things like a lamp because I haven’t spoken to a soul in several days and haven’t seen anything excited happening around my desk where I have spent all my waking time for the past couple of days.

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Tokyo, baby.

Oh hi! I am here again now. I will tell you all about last month a little later. Everything is perfect, I am working on learning how to relax again right now.

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Hello lovelies! As you might have noticed, the update rate at sushibird has decreased drastically in the last month or so, and I wish I had some sort of exciting story about why, but to be honest, it is due to the fact that I have been super-busy with studying until my eyes fall out of my head. (I am currently attending a Norwegian university, and a regular course load is 30 points, however, I am super-sushibird, hence, I am taking on double load, 60 points! Go Go Go!) The fact that I might be a tad bit of a perfectionist *cough* means that the time I have had for fun things like internet has been almost zero. That being said, I have had such a grand time in Norway compared to what I thought I would! (The weather is not included in this calculation, mind you.) I have met so many nice people in the past months at uni, I’ve had good sake several times, I have had nachspiels with my mother, petted a cat repeatedly, enjoyed the wonderful Norwegian coffee almost every day and eaten fresh pasta and lots and lots of cheese. I have felt all grown up when I can make my own phone calls and have no trouble getting across my message because I actually KNOW the language, and I could send text messages with all my friends via cell. How amazing isn’t that? And I have learned a lot of Japanese, of course. Bit by bit, things are falling into place, and this fall I read my first novel in Japanese.  I have learned to love the feeling of being so busy that your head is spinning and you are forgetting what day it is – is actually more exciting than stressful.

I can feel that something is lacking despite the tight schedule, I want to pick up a camera and take lots and lots of pictures, I want to draw and paint and cut paper into a million pieces and make food from scratch and put on nail polish and tweeze my eyebrows and put on makeup and shave my legs and sort my bookcase and go running and read books for fun and create pretty things. My mind is bursting over with ideas, but I have no time. Right now I have a small notebook, and I am writing it all down, and once I ace these exams, I have plenty of ideas to keep me occupied.

I had my first exam today. It went fine. I have three more to go in the next two weeks. And I guess what I am trying to say is:

Don’t forget about me!
I will be back within a month.

Kisses and hugs and all that jazz;

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