crab party

Some friends got some nice crabs sent all the way from Hokkaido, so we decided to have a crab-wine-and-cheese-party. Everything was delicious, even though I wouldn’t recommend eating crab on a first date, it was quite a messy experience to get all the crab meat out of the little buggers.

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  1. Ingrid ~ says:

    what camera do you use?^^ and do you edit in those miniature-town effects?

    • Sushi Bird says:

      For these pictures I used Nikon d3100, but I recently bought a Nikon d5100. Both cameras are pretty similar, but the d5100 have a screen that pops out, so I am hoping that can give me some creative freedom in the future. The miniature effect was added in photoshop, here is a tutorial for how to do it: That being said, the d5100 have a built in tilt-shift effect right in the camera, so in theory you don’t need to do this in Photoshop. I just like how Photoshop gives me greater control and more options.

      • Ingrid ~ says:

        Thank you so much for your reply! And I will definitely try it out in photoshop in the future:D Another excuse to make me go hiking again.. the camera seems awesome to try too, if I can get the money to buy one~

        • Sushi Bird says:

          Both the Nikon D3100 and the D5100 are pretty cheap compared to other models, and you get a lot of camera for the money you spend. I paid 58000 yen for the D5100, including one lens (the 18 – 55 kit lens), but I would recommend that you get a fixed 50mm 1.8 lens as well. It takes great pictures, especially useful in low light, and it is not the most expensive lens on the market. Good luck to you!

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