little things;

Hi. Just remembered I have a blog. Here are some small things I have enjoyed over the summer.

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  1. Taichi Kamimura says:

    Salut Natasha!

    How is your life in Bergen?

    I enjoy your bony things through this blog & Twitter, instead of chatting in the coffee shop.

    I always feel that Japan through your camera is not like Japan in which I live.
    I don’t know why,

    Maybe it comes up from the difference of sensibility between European and Japanese?

    Btw, I did’nt know you like HOTATE BENTO, lol.

    I hope you enjoy your life in the rest of days in Norway before coming back to Tokyo.

    Prends soin de toi.

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Taichi! How nice to hear from you. I sent a message to you, I hope you get it.

      We already talked about how European perspective is quite different than Japanese perspective, but I think it goes further than that. I think that there is about 127 million versions of Japan. That is what makes it beautiful.

      Talk to you soon!

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