Mobile pics photo dump 16

I took some quick snapshots with my phone from some of the pages in my Moleskine. I swear, this sketch book and me are not made for each other. I have been trying to fill out this book for 2 years, and I still have 35 pages left. I have no idea, but when I buy a Moleskine, I can tell instantly when I start drawing in it if it is going to be easy or hard to fill the book up. The easy ones takes approximately 3 months to fill out. The hard ones – like this one – is currently at 2+ years and counting. In any case – real pictures will come when the book is completed. At this rate, it will be within a year. Jeez.

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  1. ingeborg says:

    åh, så artig, jeg ante ikke at du var norsk! jeg kom over bloggen din forleden, og syntes du hadde det fineste designet i verden, og slik fant jeg deg på instagram. hihi. jeg liker forresten illustrasjonene dine kjempegodt!

    (ps. jeg byttet bloggplatform idag, så fra nå av er jeg på .net, ikke ehe.)

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