Things have been so busy, I never even mentioned I went on a tiny Eurotrip back in February. We managed to stop by Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.

The biggest medium sized coffee in Europe // Fried cheese on the streets of Prague

Room service // Yogurt for breakfast

I thought I saw Lena (who won Eurovision back in 2010), but I doubt it was her. In any case, I found her doppelganger! // Clock in the old town square in Prague

Various food in Krakow, Poland.

Burlesque bar in Krakow // Omiyage in Prague

Walking the streets of Stare Mesto in Prague // More coffee in Krakow

Czech food! Meatloaf, chicken and bread dumplings.

Old town square with the gothic church in Prague

And even more food. *sigh* This blog is slowly turning into a what-I-ate-today-journal.

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  1. Tokyo - Love says:

    I like the food part of your blogging, keep it up.

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Tack så mycket! 😉 I do feel like I have to get better at actually posting some personal (but not private) posts. Any blog can get pretty boring when it is just a stream of pictures from a person you don’t feel like you know. I find it hard to balance, I am so worried about posting anything remotely semi-private that I don’t dare to post anything personal at all, and I end up with 30 pictures in a row of my lunches 😉

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