Mobile pics photo dump 33 (+mini-restaurant-guide)

We went to a newly opened healthy pasta restaurant, めん色いろ in Lumine Est in Shinjuku. Surprisingly good – included in the set was 2 desserts and a drink as well.

And this is from Ichibee in Ogikubo. Go here if you like natural nihonshu (sake) and delicious japanese food.

The walkway up to my uni looks like a jungle.

This is from Sympa in Ogikubo. They have awesome French fusion food, and the chef often incorporate fruits into main dishes as well. Above in the left picture is gorgeous foie gras with… berries. Super yummy and unexpected.

Shibuya crossing // Nishi-Shinjuku with the Park Hyatt in the background (where Lost in Translation was filmed).

Pizza at Salvatore in Nishi-Shinjuku // I got a bird on line play 🙂

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