July through the keitai;

First and foremost; I found the exit. I don’t remember where I found the exit though. Or why I needed to find an exit. But I found it. This made me happy.

I also tried a new sushi place. It was ok. Not the best place I had been to, but not the worst. Nothing to write home about, so I won’t write about it on the blog. // On the right – one of the super-duper big trees at the uni campus. Which I don’t have to see again until September! Hooray!

Even in sunlight the light inside the classrooms seemed dull and dark. This is what studying does to you. Remember to be grateful for your summer vacation kids! // On the right; it’s Gokiburi-hoi-hoi-time. Or in plain English; you buy little hotels for the cockroaches with sticky-tape inside of them. The roach goes into the hotel to eat, and ends up spending all time until eternity stuck on the floor. Poor guys. We don’t actually have much trouble with roaches where we live, but all of a sudden the temperature went up a whole lot in a matter of a day or two a couple of weeks back, and two small guests found their way into our house. (Welcome to Japan!) But fear not, we have top service and plenty of options which our guests can choose from, including The Bellagio, The Venetian and Caesars Palace. The Bellagio, located right next to a small crack in the wall seemed to the top pick for our summer guests. The other hotels seems to suffer, not a single guest have visited them for weeks. Bad for the service industry, good for us.

Quirky flower shop in Mintato-ku. I wanted to buy one of those deliiiish-looking basil plants you can spot in the front of the picture there, but then I remembered I had to enter the overcrowded highway to hell, *cough* the Oedo line *cough*, and the chance of bringing the plant home in one piece during rush hour made my heart sink. I would end up torturing the small thing, which I had already appropriately named Herr Basillusk den 18. (Yes, this implies that I might have killed of 17 basil plants before contemplating buying this one. No comment.) Pictures getting my newly acquired basil plant stuck in the train door floated vividly through my mind, and I opted out of buying it. On the right; I reached Shinjuku without the basil plant, but with enough time to snap a picture part of the skyline.

I tried a fancy new drink from one of the automated machines. Think of Kiwi fruit. With all the kiwi-seeds intact. Then think of yoghurt. Then think of them together. Yay? Nay? It was actually far more delicious than I anticipated. I might have to take the train to this station again just so I can buy another box of juice. On the right… recognize this guy? I finally got to go to the Studio Ghibli museum again! More pictures and text about this will come.

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  1. tine katrine says:

    ååå, studio ghibli museum!!!

    sv: Det hender at jeg får lyst på kylling eller ost eller andre uveganske ting ja, men det er sjeldent. Og hvis jeg har lyst på det lenge så kjøper jeg vegansk kylling eller ost, eller hva enn jeg har lyst på da. For selv om jeg har lyst på feks kylling, så kunne jeg fortsatt aldri tenkt meg å spise det. Så det er ikke vanskelig å holde seg unna 🙂

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Takk for svar 🙂 (Og gud, jeg må få postet de bildene fra museumet snart. Jeg har alltid 10 – 15 innlegg klar til å postes, men å trykke på publish-knappen er så vanskelig noen ganger 😉 )

  2. Taichi says:

    Your sushi picture always makes me starving. Should’nt see your blog before sleeping lol.

    Let me know where the best sushi restaurant is in Tokyo…

    My favorite sushi restaurant is a cheap standing bar near my office in 麹町(Kojimachi)… Always enjoy talking with the chef in the bar.

    Hope to run into you in some sushi restaurant in Tokyo

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