Take-away sushi and walks in hot weather;

Near my gym I have found a take-away sushi place which is just above and beyond other boxed sushi places. I mean – look! They have otoro and uni, ready for me to take home. I doubt it is good to be tempted with all of this food right after having completed a killer workout, but a girl needs to eat!

Hello skyskraper in my neighbourhood.

Hello greenery. Hello Sushibird.

When I was walking close to my house the other day, the afternoon sun was just awesome, and I had to snap a couple of pictures. I think it was right before the temperature exploded and the following week was all 35 – 38 degrees with high humidity.

And this is what I see every day I walk home from school to the metro. I think I visited the tower for the first time in 2008, little did I know that I would actually attend uni so close to it a couple of years later.

Agemono is the food to eat if you crave deep-fried and half-greasy deliciousness. // I got new sushi gear on Line play!

On the right – ONE of the escalators down to the Odeo line, or simply just “hell” as my friends and I call it. It is so deep underground it takes forever just getting down to the metro and back up again. Unfortunately for me I have to ride this train during the morning and afternoon rush when I am going to school. At times it is so crowded that it is almost impossible to get into the train. At least I don’t have to hold on to anything, it is impossible to fall over when you are stacked up like sardines in that metal tube.

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  1. Christine says:

    Til tross for at jeg bor på et skittent internat som basically gir inntrykket “meh”, så er jeg så ufattelig lykkelig over å kunne bo så nærme campus. Halleluja osv.
    Veldig fine bilder, den ootoroen så veldig god ut.. 😀

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