Mobile recap – July & August

I finally went to sekaido to buy some foamboard and could mount some old pictures. They are currently on display in our bathroom.

Pasta dish I made with chicken and eggplant. I wanted zuccini, but tot all Japanese grocery stores carry that. Man tager hva man haver 😉 // Small totoro change purse bought at the Ghibli museum in Mitaka.

Random sushi eaten. Salmon with cheese(!) was actually good, and of course I can never leave a sushi shop without the mandatory uni, sea urchin. From the regular sushi shop we frequent in Nishi-Shinjuku. Here is the tabelog link. Very inexpensive, fresh and clean. Go there if you want decent sushi on a budget. I usually fill up for less than 2000 yen, and that is including alcoholic drinks.

Time off from studies means I start to fiddle with paper crafts. For no reason. I wanted to learn how to do quilling, on the right there was my first small attempt.

Lebanese food from a restaurant in Shinjuku.

Quite average burger, nothing to phone home about. On the right – we were sorting out boxes of comics in Canada, and I came across this gem. Daredevil battles HITLER! Oh yeah.

Yotsuya Sanchome station looks pretty steampunky at times.

Oh Cananda! I got to try Kraft Dinner! I remember seeing commercials for Kraft dinner when I was a kid, but these things were never for sale in Norway, so I added “Eat Kraft dinner” to my bucket list at age 7. Now it is done. Processed and nasty, but I almost felt nostalgic nonetheless.

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