Bird Kingdom, Niagara Falls

Because I am a *little* obsessed about birds, I begged to go to the aviary in Niagara falls, and I got that wish granted as well. The birds had plenty of space, and the place looked better than I expected.

One of the first room we entered were a room of predators and non-birds. Seriously, there is nothing as scary as turtles when they… get into a “good” mood. You have hereby been warned before you look between the the turtles legs two pictures below. He looks like he is about to attack you.

After being slightly fascinated and quite scared of randy turtles and egg-eating Toucans, I went on to my favorite type of birds, the parrots. Look at these handsome creatures! I wanted to bring them home with me.

Below; a room of smaller birds, some poisonous frogs and birds from a large tropical and humid room.

I think the guy above was my favorite! Handsome and studly and fluffy!

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