Oh Cananda!

I went to Canada to escape Tokyo for a little while, here is proof.

I finally had time to sit down and doodle again. I have neglected any kind of creative pursuits in the past while, and the last year has been particularly difficult. Time to get with the program and start making things again. Because I get sad if I don’t. I am sure you can relate.

The portion sizes in Canada is just… Ridiculous! I don’t think I have finished a single meal in that country.

And for some reason, everybody loves chicken wings? What is the deal with it? I am not a vegetarian by any means, but I have made a personal choice to not order much bird-meat myself if I can help it. It seems that the rest of the people in Canada is madly in love with Chicken meat though, so it was hard to avoid the wings. I washed it down with rum and coke. Classy.

More ridiculously large portions.

But one thing Canada does have, which I miss in Tokyo, is a ridiculous amount of cheese in and on a lot of food. OMG mozzarella balls! I have not had such glorious gooey food in years!

Apart from that, it was effin cold. Good excuse to stay in and doodle some more.

I even almost cooked. // Montral smoked meat sandwhich.

I met a long lost internet friend! Hi! // One of the many cathedrals in Montreal. I really liked Montreal, it reminded me of an urban mix between Paris and Amsterdam.

And I found decent sushi! The uni was delicious!

And then we all stopped and laughed at this sign. Unfortunately the club was not opened when we passed by.

Ahhhh Canada. I love your Tim Hortons and I love your poutine! Bliss!

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