Oh Canada!

Question: How many Canadian things can you fit into one post? A: A lot. Ottawa, Montreal, a cottage in the middle of nowhere, Vancouver, Niagara Falls and Toronto.

(If you are ever in Vancouver and want real Japanese food, check out the restaurant simply called “Izakaya” on Davis street. I had nama-kaki, delicious sushi and a fancy tonkatsu-tempura-plate.)

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  1. Tokyoyo says:

    Wow, det ser helt underbart ut!

  2. Gitte says:

    Ok, now I definitely need to add Canada to my places-to-go-list. Japan, Monterey, Faroe Islands and Svalbard are already on it.

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Canada can be pretty awesome, but there is a lot of… empty land! Ontario actually reminded me a lot of a very flat version of Norway.