Black Dahlia (gaming)

I recently got hooked watching gameplay videos on youtube with all the old games I used to play in the 1990s. Black Dahlia was one of my favorites. Black Dahlia is a 1998 FMV adventure game by Take-Two Interactive, a fictional story inspired by the real life Cleveland Torso Murderer and the unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short “Black Dahlia” in Los Angeles. This gameplay video series comes in 36 parts – all between 12 – 15 min long, so here is enough entertainment for quite a few hours. In reality it took a lot longer than this to play through the game, because some of the puzzles and queues were near impossible to figure out. This particular game can also be watched as a murder mystery movie, there are long movie sequences throughout the game. Dennis Hopper has a role in the game as well!

I really miss this genre of adventure point-and-click games with puzzles and riddles to solve. I wonder what ever happened to that category? I can not think of many newer games without much violence and without time restraints. If anyone has any recommendations, please do let me know.

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