Softcover booklet featuring a drawing measuring 15cm x 210cm.
The booklet comes in two versions, one stitched together, the other one as 10 separate A5 sheets + cover.

20 hrs 20 flwrs

Softcover booklet featuring 20 detailed flower illustrations.
An approach for a different kind coloring book, intended for both children and adults.

10 eggs

A small booklet with easter eggs. 2008.

50 robots and devices for a more joyful life

A booket with a collection of 50 small robots and decvices that is bound to make your life better, more joyful and easier to cope with. These illustrations were originally for sale during a show in 2006, but can now be found in this small booklet.


Do-it-yourself-zine! For all the lazy people who always wanted to make a zine, but was too lazy to do it from scratch. Now you can just fill in your content instead. 3 double-sided printed A4 sheets folded in half to make a perfect A5 zine. 2007.