Nakano & old tram.

I completely forgot to post all of these pictures from Nakano a couple of weeks back, so here they are. I am so behind with posting pictures it is not even funny, but hopefully I can put them all out there in the next couple of days.

I love little shabby karaoke-places with even whackier little figurines in the windows.

Haha, ok, really silly joke, since chinko means something entirely different in Japanese than pachinko 😉 (Yes, this is a joke about male private parts.)

And lo and behold – entering this mall in Nakano, I felt like I was in China, and not Japan. Japan is known for having beautiful displays and fancy shops, and this mall seemed like some kind of Chinese outlet mall. They sold Converse for 3000 yen, so if it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t even like Converse, I would have been happy.

And a gazillion paper birds to show support for Tohoku.

And the regular wish-tree which was filled with mostly good wishes for Tohoku as well.

Right next to a whacky store which I think sold mostly animal products. Fancy a polyester steak?

I wish it would be allowed to take pictures inside of shops, but since it isn’t, here is a lot of pictures I shot from the hip, hence the awful composition. The mall was a gem, whacky stores, everything from stone stores to stoner stores.

And then I found the food section, which always makes me happy. This was a true treasure when it came to sashimi!

And you can buy individually wrapped sushi pieces from 50 – 100 yen (3.50 NOK – 7.00 NOK).

In any case – most of the mall looked like this. Lots of retro, antique and special interest shops.

And of course a pretty otaku art gallery as well. The pictures were actually really nice, and I regret not finding the name of the artist.

And look at what we found a bit later on, a real old building? Or a fake one? I can never tell, but there were lots of nice details.

Finally we reached where we were suppose to go for the day, this little tram! It is really cheap, the tram ride takes about 1 hour, and it takes you through all of the whacky little shitamachi neighborhoods a bit north in Tokyo.

And then we had some sushi.

And the oyster was so good I ate it before I remembered I should take a picture.

Finally, we got back home, and this is the view from the side porch.

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