Birds with hats;

Sometimes I really do not get what I was thinking. The poor guy’s wings are too small for him to fly, even. Maybe he can just be one of those cute balls of feathers to nozzle up to and keep your hands warm instead of a coffee cup.

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  1. Elisabeth says:

    Who needs wings when you have a hat?!

  2. Benedicte says:

    Oh I absolutely love him! What’s his name? 😉

    You should sell prints on Etsy!

    • Sushi Bird says:

      He doesn’t have a name, unfortunately. Maybe he looks like a Hector? Any suggestions? I want to start selling things on Etsy again, but what worries me the most is not the actual selling of things on Etsy, but the time it takes to print and ship the things out. (And possibly have things getting lost and paypal and returns and sending things from Japan and, and…. ) Do you have any online stores active?

      • Benedicte says:

        He might be a Hector, or a Victor. 😉

        I understand that, the printing and shipping is what worries me too. I tend to have too much on my plate at times, and I’m worried I’d not be quick enough for buyers.
        I don’t have any online store yet because I need to finish my other projects first, like decorating the house and edit my photos, but I hope to be settled enough to start one in the near future.

        • Sushi Bird says:

          I know I will not be quick enough for buyers. Also – a lot of buyers, especially from the US, expect next-day-delivery, and that is just not possible with my schedule. I guess that is also why I don’t do any official shopping service for Japanese goods.

          I would love to start a little etsy shop sometime in the future again, but I want to organize other things in my life before I take on something new.

  3. tippi+ella says:

    I love all of your bird illustrations! <3
    The ones I have on display at home are always conversation pieces when I have people over. 🙂

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Awh, you are too kind 🙂 But fat birds are always an asset to any home. I wish I had a real bird instead of just drawing them all the time. Say hello to the birdies from me ♥

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