Five fabulous things on a Friday;

  1. I looked over some of my favorite illustration web pages, and I keep returning to Linn Olofsdotter. I want to make beautiful things like her one day.
  2. Some nice people have just started their blogs lately, so if you like photography, you should absolutely visit tippi+ella and creativedaysblog.
  3. Mozart is the most productive productive girl on the entire internet. I can not understand how she finds time to make so many beautiful things.
  4. Binka wrote a 10 point list against writers block, and I think it is a great list. The list is in Norwegian.
  5. Julia Galdo‘s photography is just jaw dropping, and I especially like the series taken for S Magazine.

(Ok, so I cheated a little bit – I fell asleep, and it is Saturday here before I could publish this post. Whups.)

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  1. Benedicte says:

    Thank you so much. <3
    You're my blog inspiration though.
    I find it hard to update so often. Must get better.

    • Sushi Bird says:

      You’re so sweet ♥ I am trying to keep up posting often. I have so many pictures backlogged from 10 years in true service on the internet, so I guess I have more than enough pictures to take from, I find it harder to write the text, to be honest.

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