La bohème / 新宿御苑

Today we went to Shinjuku Gyoen. It seems like people still have their new year decorations up, and I still seem to think they are pretty and take pictures of them whenever I see them.

The little neighbourhood around the park had many cute spots, and lots of little flower pots.

I saw this tree and wanted to take a picture, and all of a sudden I saw a woman in a yukata running in the background.

Happy park-face. My mom in the background, looking at the trees.

There were some traditional Japanese gardens which we went to see. The park was very quiet, not at all like hanami-season.

The crows around here are incredibly big – I caught a picture of this one before it spread its wings and flew away.

4th of January – and one tree was already in bloom!

After walking in the park – we went to La Bohème Cafe- a small cafe/restaurant next to the park. The food was good, the ceiling was high, and the music was loud. I had Gorgonzola pizza with honey, mom had pizza with shrimps, mushrooms, bell pepper and ham. It was really nice.

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  1. Linn Mette says:

    Wow, you’r pictures are fantastic 🙂 I love them.
    I’ve allways wanted to go to Japan, is it as beautiful as it seems?.
    Nice blog btw. Have a fantastic new year 😉

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Thank you so much for your comment! Japan is beautiful and strange and weird and not always the way it seems. I have been very happy about a lot of things here, and not so happy about a few things here as well. I think that if you go for a holiday, and you have an interest in Japan – you will have a great time! (Living here you sometimes see not so nice things, but just visiting, most things are fine and dandy!)

      & I just looked at your blog, so many pretty pictures!

  2. Milla says:

    oh my god, it looks really beautiful over there! and I love the trees! beautiful photos!!!

    / thank you so much, you made my day/evening 🙂

  3. Benedicte says:

    So much pretty.
    Especially you.

  4. Lady Netta says:

    Åh, det var bare nydelige bilder 😀 Hele bloggen din er
    full av dem, så gøy å titte innom her!

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