one, two

Remember how I wrote I painted a box blue for no reason. Then I painted my face for no reason. Snapped. One, two. Painting my face and snapping pictures of myself used to be one of my favorite past time events 10 years ago. Not so much these days. I know what I look like, sans makeup as well. I washed my face and returned to bed.


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  1. Sophie says:

    That makeup is very fitting on you, looks bird like! =)

  2. Jason Cobill says:

    I remember when you used to post a lot of these! You have a great imagination and a wonderful sense of design, so I always looked forward to seeing your transformations.

    There was one in particular with a chain necklace, and one with feathers woven into your hair that I remember were particularly dramatic and beautiful. It’s fun to see you experimenting with that again. 🙂

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