It’s Friday again, and I have no idea where the last week went. Picture above is Kabukichó.

Curry and omelet. At the same time. Nom nom nom.

In Norway you drink cod-liver oil, in Japan you drink Yomeishu.

Time to go to school!

So many cute people walking around. One of these days I want to go and take pictures of cute people.

I don’t usually post that many pictures of other people here, but I am sure Cyrus won’t mind. At all. The conversation with the pink bunny in the picture above went something like this:

Cyrus: Can I lift her?
Guy next to pink rabbit: She is a girl, you can’t lift her!
Cyrus: Ok, I will just hug her instead.

The bunny looks slightly uncomfortable.

This pack of cigarettes has a funny story connected to it. We went to an izakaya in Shinjuku, and all of a sudden a girl in a short short silver dress (she sort of looked like an elf) walks in with an iPad playing a commercial for Kent cigarettes. She asks if she can do a short presentation about Kent’s new menthol cigarettes, we say yes, the lady talks about Kent’s cigarettes for about two minutes (very fast in Japanese) and there is a little video flashing on her iPad about some new method of making menthol cigarettes. Then she presents us with three different types of cigarettes on her iPad-screen, and asks us if we smoke, and if we smoke, if we would like to try. She then hands out packs of cigarettes from her matching silver bag to all the people around the table. A cigarette-fairy! That’s a first. For some reason, I can not imagine this happening in Northern Europe.

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  1. Nøve says:

    Haha! Det hadde ikke skjedd i Norge nei.

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