Catch up, January – March;

It happened again. I fell off the wagon, and now I have 300+ pictures and posts dated back all the way to January which I should really get off my phone and camera, and onto the screen.

A beer tasting in Roppongi at Brew Dog, and take-away sashimi for a dinner at home in solitude watching SVU. I have watched all the episodes of SVU at least three times, but I re-watch them every year just because of detective Olivia Benson.

Sashimi at a restaurant 50 meters from my house I finally tried. It was decent. // A random sake-bar in Kagurazaka. I want to explore Kagurazaka more. They say it is like Tokyo’s “Little Paris” with all of its little bistros. And I do believe it, but all the shops are closed after lunch and before dinner, and I can never seem to get to Kagurazaka just in the right time to catch either lunch or dinner. I will make another attempt next month.

It snowed for a total of one day this year in Tokyo. It was back in January. I compensated with Dominos and a ton of snacks.

I finally did a manicure myself I was very happy with.

This is the ceiling of a the Pelican bar in Omoide Yokocho (Memory lane / Piss Alley), in Shinjuku. If you ever go to Shinjuku, you should check this tiny alley out. It is on the north side of the station, and you can not see much of it from the street. If you enter, you will be transported into an entire other world completely. The streets in the little maze are very narrow, and there are hundreds upon hundreds of tiny tiny bars and restaurants. Whenever I have brought visiting tourists to this area they have absolutely loved it, because it is very different from anything else.

Semi-homemade salad with tobiko. // I visited Calico Cat Cafe again in Shinjuku.

Thank you Engrish. // A dessert from an Alice in Wonderland-themed resturant in Shinjuku. Themed restaurants have lost most of my interest, but my friends wanted to go, so I tagged along. I do not recommend this particular place. The interior was very Alice in Wonderland, but the food was nothing special, and the service was absolutely terrible, we had to wait over 1 hour for a plate of pasta. Do go if you are obsessed with Alice in Wonderland. Don’t go if you are obsessed with good food and decent service.

A walk in Yotsuya in February. Right now all the trees in the right picture are probably covered in sakura.

Some random salmon sushi from a random place in Shin-Nakano. // OMG. This is ankimo (monkfish liver) and shirako (fish sperm sack), and it was probably some of the best I have ever had. I found this tiny out-of-the-wall izakaya in Shin-Nakano by chance, but if you are in the area, I highly recommend Retto. Absolutely everything I had there was incredibly delicious.

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