Hi Internet!

Hi Internet! It’s been a little while, but I have good excuses for not updating. All of a sudden I had to write a speech for a speech contest (in Japanese), soon after I was dog- and house-sitting in Aoyama in a really nice house. I spent the evening eating insane amounts of sushi, and today I helped out on a photo shoot. I didn’t know I had to set up the entire studio! We got to the studio, and nothing was set up at all, so I had to start from scratch. It has been quite a while since I set up studio lights, but it all worked out ok, so I hope that the photographer was happy with the lights, and I am looking forward to see the results once she is done editing them. Now it is finally weekend, and I am enjoying my evening with popcorn and white wine. Simple pleasures. I am happy.

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  1. Jeg hater deg og all sushien din! 😀 Kom hit med litt :-

  2. inmasan says:

    Jeg savner både deg og sushi. Dere to er helt fantasisk, utrolig flott og god på hver sin måte. Bildene gir mersmak, man blir fristet. 🙂

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