Face on!

I find it harder and harder as the years go by to take a decent picture of my face. I am not sure if I have become less photogenic (possibly), more critical of my looks (don’t think so) or just a little bit less self-obsessed and in need of positive validation (hope so). In any case, I dressed up for 17th of May in Norway, but the feeling of all-dressed-up-and-nowhere-to-go made me drag out the camera and snap away. I really like how the veil kind of went out of focus with the 1.8mm Nikkor lens. I love that lens.

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  1. Ida Therese says:

    Ikke mindre fotogen, i alle fall:)

  2. JEG synes når at du alltid har tatt deg veldig bra ut foran kameraet! VELDIG!

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Aw, takk skal du ha – men det er av en eller annen grunn veldig mye vanskeligere nå enn det var før :/

  3. three_nipples says:

    SMELT! Nå har jo ikke jeg sett noen av bildene du forkaster, men du har alltid vært smukkere enn Bambi. 🙂

  4. caryn says:

    you look as adorable as ever to me! =P

  5. Sophie says:

    You look lovely! <3

  6. Sheri says:

    NYDELIGE Natasha!!♥
    You continue to age brilliantly, like a fine wine 🙂

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