Nostalgic Country House

I mentioned in my previous post that I saw this amazing house today. I am speechless. I went through a back alley in my neighborhood, and look what I found! I found – wait for it – “Nostalgic Country House”! It is apparently a private residence, the cars look normal, but the exterior of this house is just… I have no words. I love that about Japan, that behind every corner there is something new and crazy.

I think they like bikes.

It looks like organized hording.

A lot of creative things, the little things around the fan are actually small plastic eggs you can get from vending machines with a little toy inside.

Painted helmets and more eggs.

And a very creative use of anti-hangover-drink-bottles.

And look! Sato-chan! There was actually two of these pink/orange elephants, one on each side of the house.

And the sign, saying it is a Nostalgic Country House, even though I am not sure what that means. But isn’t it amazing?

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  1. Maria says:

    Utrolig hus! Hvor tror du inngangsdøra er? 🙂

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Vet du, det vet jeg ikke. Jeg tror jeg må gå tilbake og se nærmere på huset, det var så mye å se på at jeg glemte helt å se etter detaljene.

  2. Harald says:

    For et fantastisk hus! Men det må være upraktisk i sterk vind…

  3. Gitte says:

    Oh, wow. Det var ikke helt forventet! : D

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