1002 kanji and X tests later

Hello my dear neglected blog! I have good news for you, I am done with my tests for now! Which means I can update you more. Looking forward to interacting with you again.

The test today consisted of writing an essay about the IT-generation (is indirect communication a good or a bad thing?), 3 pages of vocabulary, around 30 new grammar points and the latest 200 kanji I have learned. (In total I am suppose to know about 1000 in total right now. Suppose is a keyword here). Last week I had a reading test (trying to decipher Japanese newspaper articles sure is fun), I had to conduct and interview in keigo (that is the very very polite Japanese that everyone keeps on hating), give a short oral resume about the extencive over-packaging culture in Japan, write up two conversations (one of them in keigo, one of them in good old fashioned friendly Japanese), two other interview-conversation-tests (one of them in keigo again), write an essay about Norway’s English education, and last, but not least, I had a wonderful listening test where the talking is deliberatly set up in order for you to pick the wrong option, I am sure of it. And all of this without using a dictionary. They sure like exams at my school. I should be used to this by now, this happens every third month.

In any case, my head is pure mush at the moment, so I will take the evening off, and start sorting my lists over everything I am suppose to do from this point forward which have been ridiculously neglected. When I say I am done with my tests for now, it is not entirely true, I still have the JLPT coming up in a couple of weeks, but right now that seems far away and doable. That is, after all, only one test.

& totally unrelated and just for fun: Here is a picture from some dinner I ate a little while ago. The sashimi was niiice. /over and out.

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  1. Gitte says:

    Oi, det høres ut som litt av et opplegg du har gått igjennom! Gratulerer med overstått! Selv synes jeg det var tøft med kun tre eksamener. Samtidig ser jeg for meg at man gruer seg og synes det er kjipt uansett hvilken mengde det er snakk om. Det er jo greit med litt ubehag forsåvidt – desto mer setter man pris på sommerferie. ^^

  2. Nøve says:

    Omfg! O____O
    Høres helt sinnsykt ut. Du er FLINK altså.

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