I made another Frittata! This one had olives, tomatos, cheese, broccoli, peppers and a pesto sauce. If you are looking for the recipe I have written it down in an earlier post here.

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    • Sushi Bird says:

      It was actually really nice! But I am a total cheese-addict so I have a feeling it was all the cheese that made it for me…

  1. michele/mmmhh (LJ) says:

    it looks really yummy (you just messed up with the “t”, its “frittata” and not “fritatta”). you have to try cook one with red onions, just let the onions (sliced) fry in oil with low temperature till they become a lil trasparent and soft, then pour eggs+grated parmesan cheese+lil pinch of salt+parsley.

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Ups! My spelling blunder, thank you so much for pointing that out! Will fix it right away.

      I will have to try it with the red onion, but for some odd reason I haven’t found them in the stores here lately. They used to have them all the time, but the last two months I haven’t seen a single one and I can not understand why!

      • mmmhh/michele says:

        Here in Italy red onions are from Calabria (a region in the south) i like em cause they’re sweet and a little tangy ad the same time, but you can also do it with white onion, frittata (i saw you wrote it right!) con le cipolle (onions) its one of the basic frittata. another one is with potatoes: just boil one big potato,cut it in dice or slice, then fry them in a pan with a little oil just to let them be crispy on one side, pour the egg and put fire to the minimum, when the back of the frittata is starting to colour a lil bit, you have to cook also the top part (the side you see when you’re cookin) so you put a cover (i dunno the english name) on the pan and put the fire off (the heat and the cover will cook the top part and you don’t have to flip it, with potatoes is a pain in the a** to flip).

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