The best of Canada: Poutine!

Look at this glorious food! Just… look at it. If you have never had poutine, you are missing out. One of the things I was looking forward to the most going back to Canada this time was mouthwatering poutine. (Expect more pictures of this later!) You simply add fries, gravy and tons of cheese, and tada! Orgasm in your mouth. I will probably go back to Japan several pounds heavier than when I left, and I will blame it all on poutine. Totally worth it.

*Edit: I KNOW that the original poutine is made with cheese curds, but outside Quebec I think it is sometimes served with this type of cheese. The gravy is also heavier outside Quebec. Most places I have been to here in Ontario will ask me which style I want, and I can choose between the cheese curds and this other melty cheese. Since I am a total sucker for melted cheese and they tend to use heavier gravy here than in Quebec, I have gone with the melty cheese variant a couple of times. It is yummy either way though. I apologize in advance for offending poutine-purists out there 😉 

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