May – recap

Norwegian national day was here – first time in many years I could celebrate it in Norway, and first time in many years I ate fenalår (dried and salted lamb/sheep). You basically cut right in to this thing with a knife, cut of pieces and eat it as is together with the dry kringle next to it.

I procrastinated by drawing random figures when I my head was mush reading for exams.

The sun finally came to Bergen!

And needless to say, I ate more sushi.

I helped clean up a house.

Drank more coffee.

And before I knew it my time in Norway was up and now I am back in Tokyo!

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  1. Gitte says:

    Jeg får mystisk nok alltid lyst på sushi når jeg besøker bloggen din …

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Høhø – jeg lurer på hvorfor! Men du bor jo i en by der det er masse billig sushi for salg, nei? Jeg synes fremdeles Bergen kunne fått minst 10 utsalgssteder til med konkuransedyktige priser.

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