Japanese Photo Apps


Snapeee would have to be my favorite japanese app. is like Instagram on speed and steroids! You have same community feel as on Instagram, but you can decorate your images before uploading them. When you upload images, or “like” other peoples images you will earn points, and you can use these points to download more decorations for your pictures. Snapeee also have special events and contests you can enter your images into, and you can get quite a few likes and followers if your entry is accepted into the different contests. Snapeee is available for both iPhone and Android. Download it here. Feel free to add me as well, here is my invitation code: 3B3JRW


Decoblend has two great features. One feature is that you can combine your photos into neat collages, and I find that these collages look a lot cleaner and neater than other apps offering the same thing. The other feature is that you can decorate your photos and collages in the same way as snappeee. the stamps are more limited than Snapeee, but it is still a couple of great stamps and frames worth using. You can get Decoblend for both iPhone and Android.

Girls Camera

Girls camera also have quite a few neat frames worth trying out. There is some sort of community where you can share “diary pages”, but personally I prefer snapeee and instagram. Still worth a download! iPhone and Android.


I just wanted to mention the eyeフィット app really quickly at the end here. It doesn’t have much of an artistic value, it is simply an app to try on different contact lenses. The interface is in Japanese,  and if you like the lenses, there is a link to buy the contact lenses. I found this app for the iPhone, I am not sure if it exist for Android or not.

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  1. Sophie says:

    I also really like an app called Loppica I’m supposed to get a new phone soon so I’ll be sure to get Snappee. Thanks much for the recommendation! <3

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