Love is Calling

I went to the Mori Art Center in Roppongi on Friday, and for once it was actually allowed to take pictures of part of the exhibition. This is Kusama Yayoi “Love is Calling”. Beautiful! I felt like I was walking in wonderland!

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    • Sushi Bird says:

      It was awesome! I wish they would allow guests to photograph more of the exhibitions there, so much wonderful stuff!

  1. Synne says:

    Oh my, that looks magical! The shapes make me think of sea monsters with tentacles, and the colours are so fun and bright… I love it when galleries and museums allow photography. Thanks for sharing!

    • Sushi Bird says:

      I love it when they do allow photography as well. I do understand that they do not want people to take pictures with flash or disturb the other guests at the museum, but I do not understand why a lot of museums are so incredibly protective of the art they display. I was happy that I could finally take some pictures at the Mori Art center, it is my favorite gallery in the world, and I have often walked through different exhibitions there just thinking “god – I want to share this”, but never dared to sneak illegal pictures with my phone.

  2. Ulrikke says:

    Så stilig! Awesome!

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