field & food

A field in Odaiba on my way to work back in July.

Free lunches. Bento on the left at work, Norwegian salmon at an event to the right.

Salmon and cheese nigiri to the left, shrimp, avocado, onion and mayo nigiri to the right.

The irony is, these two uni pictures are taken on two different dates. They should give me a members card at the local sushi shop.

I really wanted tobiko and uzura, but for some reason Japanese sushi shops don’t sell that combination much. So I bought my own and made it. If you haven’t tried this combination, please do, it is absolutely delicious.

Rainy Harajuku to the left, fast Yurikamome-line to the right.

Chinese buffet, pizza from Cona for 500 yen in the middle, and dessert plate from a random restaurant on the right.

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