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Hello Sandwich had a great little post about potted gardens in Tokyo, and today I spotted some of them myself. I also saw an absolutely unbelievable house, but it was so amazing it will have to get it’s own post after I am done posting these pictures. So for now, the rest of the pictures from today, and I will follow up with a post of the most amazing house in a post right after this.

Almost felt like I was in England when I saw this house, how cute.

This is katakana and translates to “araifu” – “a life”. Turns out it was a funeral agency.

And then we went to 井の頭恩賜公園 (Inokashira Park), a really pretty park.

Some really pretty birds hiding in the branches.

And someone is having a cozy time. I am not sure why I get super-excited every time I see a fat bird. Other people go “aww” when they see babies or puppies or kittens, I go “aww” whenever I see a fat fluffy bird.

Look at how cute that thing is! He is snuggling up with himself. Aww.

I think I should start a new category on the blog called “Engrish”. Before I ever came to Japan, I thought that Engrish was a myth, and that there were not so many quirky things written everywhere in English – but turns out that Engrish is not a myth, and I see strange English written all over the place.

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