Today I wish…

… I had the patience and the tools to sit down and create some small, beautiful things…

… and I wish I could go and see the ocean.

I feel a bit locked up here, I should study, but I end up looking at pictures taken by the Hubble telescope instead.

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  1. Era says:

    Woo, you bloggin’ me right off my chair, girl! I see I gotta drop by more often. ^^

    Did you take these pictures? I love the soft colours and skylights in the last one.

    And what do you study, again? I recall asking why you were in Japan, but I don’t think I asked what you were studying! Anything interesting?

    • Sushi Bird says:

      I figure I have to update a ton now in the beginning at least – because personally I don’t like visiting new blogs which are half-empty.
      All pictures here are by me, unless otherwise stated. These pictures are from Norway though, not Japan.

      & I study Japanese atm. (That does not imply I actually know Japanese…) I am having a lot of fun with it though.

  2. tippi+ella says:

    Ah, I knew this had to be from Norway, as the bottom picture almost looks like the view from my bedroom window! 😉

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