Mobile pics photo dump 18

Time for another small update! (Apologizes for all the mobile pictures recently, they just kind of piled up, all of a sudden. I got a new iPod, so I got a little bit trigger happy, I guess!) In the picture above, I went to visit my budgie. He has a new lovely home with nice parents, and I hadn’t seen him for a while, so a visit was well overdue. He is still hanging in there, even though he is probably 850 years old in budgie-years.

new shoes / old eggs

oooold pages from a notebook

sushi the cat posing / wine and cookies

mmm! sushi!

old little things discovered in a box.

…and a lovely cappuccino at Dromedar to brighten a cold and slushy day.

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  1. Irene says:

    I used to have a bird just like him! So cute 🙂

  2. Sanna says:

    Naw! Sushi är söt!

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