Nothing ever changes, everything stays the same

I have taken some pictures lately, but I guess I am going through another one of those periods where everything feels floaty and I forget time and space. It is actually quite nice at times. The weather has been beautiful, the earthquakes are smaller, and I went for a walk a couple of days ago.

I thought this guy was real when I rounded the corner.

I wish our porch looked this cute.

I think my new calling in life is to take pictures of all the ridiculous names of buildings in Japan. Even I, myself, live at “Fortune House”.

I think it is suppose to be fancy.

And this is a beauty salon. It looks very beautiful.

And people have put a fence around their bonsai so no one will steal them. I, personally, would have super-glued the pots to the surface instead and dropped the fence, but I guess different people have different solutions. You get a lot of time to think about things when you are not going to class every day. Like how to secure bonsai. Luckily for the rest of the world, I will stop thinking about bonsai and get back to only thinking about Japanese from Wednesday.

Obviously this calls for “dramatic communication”. I would definitely rent an apartment from the “Dramatic communication” real estate group.

Hello neighborhood.

And then I found this awesome car. Just when I was snapping a picture of it, the owner came, and said it was the only car in the world that looked like this. I felt busted sneaking pictures of his car, and mumbled something about “kawaii… omoshiroi… suteki…” and quickly left the premises.

I still do not understand what this statue of liberty was doing right outside the Chinese restaurant. I suppose it adds charm.

Above, Korean restaurant. Below, Thai restaurant. Where? Shin-Okubo.

And then we went to AnAn, and ate delicious yakiniku for dinner. The end.

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  1. Karen says:

    This is wonderful. Reading your blog only makes me want to study in Japan even more!

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Thank you 😀 You should absolutely come. Japan is awesome and studying a bit of Japanese is really fun.

  2. Thomas says:

    Vet du, du er rett og slett jævla flink til å ta gode bilder!

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Nå rødmer jeg her altså 🙂 Tusen takk skal du ha. Jeg pleide å synes det var veldig kjekt å ta bilder og legge ned mye tid i bildene, men de siste årene går nok ting litt mer på autopilot enn før…

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