Eurovision babble

My weekend have been absolutely perfect when it comes to being social and actually having a life, which means that Japanese study + blogging had to put a little bit in the background. I know a lot of people hate Eurovision, so if you are one of them, feel free to skip the rest of this entry. but I love the yearly party. It is all in good fun. It is actually quite ok with the whole Eurovision circus if you can just get into it. I have been avoiding absolutely all news including facebook all of Sunday until I had watched the Eurovision finals. Before I knew who would win I liked Azerbaijan a lot. Good chorus! Also, kudos to France for actually daring to send that type of song to the final. Sending an Opera to Eurovision! Almost as good as two years ago when France sent Patrica Kaas. I love how dead serious France has been the latest years about Eurovision, it is actually quite a refreshing thing to see something like that in Eurovision it sets France apart from the average Eurobeats. Finland was cute, but not a very good voice. Also, I don’t really like songs with a political message about how we ruin the environment, but the melody was cute nonetheless. UK and the man-band was 10 years too late and can please go home. Lituania needs vocal lessons. Surprised Spain did not get more points, and surprised Sweden got as many as they did though. Blablabla. Next year – Asiavision! (Since the winning country isn’t even in Europe. Not the first time that happened though.) Happy with the result, it was a worthy winner.

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