For sale: Bento / Kitchen

I haven’t been back to Norway for several years, but now that I am here, I have gone through storage and decided to sell off a bunch of things, this post contains mostly bento and kitchen supplies. (Separate posts with accessories and toys are coming right up!) I am mainly posting this here now because I will have a table at the comic festival Raptus this weekend, and I wanted to give a heads up to people in town so they can head over there and snatch up the items. Everything will be going for under half the original price. There is just way too much kitchen supplies to take pictures of everything, but here is some of it. I am not writing up any specific price here, if you buy more = more discount. I really just want to get rid of it all, and make a couple of bucks while I am at it. These things are not for sale on the internet just yet (mainly because, shipping from Norway is extremely expensive), but whatever is left over after the weekend I might post for sale on the internet if I have time. I hope to get rid of as much as possible this weekend, so this is your chance to score some good deals!

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  1. Jenny Almarz says:

    I would love to purchase the crown silverware, and the larger crown pendant in the newer post! Perhaps a bento as well!

    • Sushi Bird says:

      Thank you! I will post everything that is left over from this weekend on the blog for sale eventually, so far the crown silverware and the big crown is actually not sold yet. I am not sure just when I will post a sales post on the internet, it depends a little bit on how much time I have to get it all packed up and sent out. (I hate when sellers are slow, so I don’t want to put it up for sale before I know I can ship it out quickly!)

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