Det är mest hoppen imellan som gör ont;

I am back in Norway. I don’t blog. I walk a lot. I fill out page after page of homework. I drink cheap wine on the weekends and lots of expensive coffee during the week. It never takes long for Tokyo to feel like a lifetime away, but it takes time to settle in in Norway. I have never been able to describe what this country does to my head; but it leaves me strangely empty. Not in a sad, nor depressed way, just that there is a lack of something that was previously there. I feel like like an amnesia patient, I know something is missing, slightly off, but I am unable to describe it accurately. Maybe I am homesick. In that case, I feel grateful, that I have been one of the people that actually do have a place in the world I love, and that I can return to once I have finished up what I have to do this fall. I am ok. I am doing what I am suppose to do, and I am getting all my work done. Sometimes a couple of months on auto-pilot is not the worst thing in the world. Especially when I can fold origami cranes and I just found both mirin, udon and Korean nori at the local shop. (And I will be back in Tokyo soon enough!)

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  1. Ally says:

    Yes you will, my dear. Now stop folding paper cranes and do next week’s homework already! xxoo

  2. strangely brought me shining wet tears, both because I know how you feel and because there is a hole nothing but Japan can fill once you have lived there. your photographs are spectacular and your blog so very cool and always a treat, thanks!

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