I saw a couple of these guys in front of the house. This particular picture is older, but I am pretty sure it is the same guy. It was late when I saw him and a couple of friends this time around, so I didn’t dare to approach them, because wow, they look so much bigger in real life than in pictures!

So, I guess I can conclude that September was an awful month blogging wise, but university-wise it is going grand! I hope I can find more time for this place now in October, I really miss blogging. I have gathered up at least 20 links, I just need to sit down, type them out and tell you about what makes all of my little internet finds awesome.

I feel really lucky right now – the rain was pouring down for most of the month, everything was dark and dull, but lo and behold – the sun has peaked out for the past three days in a row – and that alone is enough to make me feel happy as a bird with a french fry.

Hope you all are doing alright this autumn, hang in there even though the days get shorter. Apart from school work, I am filling my days with amazing coffee, good people and a little bit of wine. Now I am of to town to spend a couple of hours with beautiful people and gossip about our week! Cheers and g’night!

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  1. Nøve says:

    Bra det går fint! 🙂

  2. Frk.Festli says:

    Er du tilbake i Norge du?

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