Mr. Krinkle & Sushi

These two guys are the family cats. The black one is called Mr. Krinkle (or well, Pinkel, as my mom likes to call him) and he had dressed up in fancy attire to celebrate the 17th of May. The multicolored one is the new little girl, I decided to name her Sushi.

Mr. Krinkle is quite crabby at times, but still very cuddly when he feels like it. Sushi likes relaxing, so I often find her laying on her back like in the picture below.

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May – recap

Norwegian national day was here – first time in many years I could celebrate it in Norway, and first time in many years I ate fenalår (dried and salted lamb/sheep). You basically cut right in to this thing with a knife, cut of pieces and eat it as is together with the dry kringle next to it.

I procrastinated by drawing random figures when I my head was mush reading for exams.

The sun finally came to Bergen!

And needless to say, I ate more sushi.

I helped clean up a house.

Drank more coffee.

And before I knew it my time in Norway was up and now I am back in Tokyo!

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April – recap

This is what I did in April; I was treated to champagne at this very uh.. colorful bar…

…before we continued home and had some more wonderful things to drink.

And I visited grandma, she is still going strong!

Ate sushi.

Cleaned up my shelves.

Experienced wonderful spring light.

Bought a new moleskine. (This is a trick up my sleeve for better performance at school – buy wonderful supplies so you want to write.)

There was a new cat, and I decided to name her Sushi.

Ate fish. Folkelig fiskegrateng er aldri feil. Nam!

See ya!

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Mobile pics photo dump 10

Oh hi!  I just discovered I have a blog! I tend to not prioritize this place once exam season sets in, but now everything is finished for the semester, and I can go back to updating this thing. I have about 20 entries ready to go. Here are some mobile pictures from March, April and May. Above; a cute ad on the metro in Tokyo in March + a wonderful gift I recieved.

And landing at Gardermoen and eating sandwiches with real bread in Norway.

It was still really cold with snow on the ground back in March.

Fancy drinks from fancy parties both with friends and all alone at Kaffemisjonen.

Last, but not least – wonderful food from Jacob’s. Blue cheese and homemade cinnabun, who would have thought that would make such a great combo.


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